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Chrissy Borgatta Luizzi

Sr. Art Producer | Innocean Worldwide

Los Angeles

What's your side hustle?

Since the Pandemic I have been creating face masks for anyone who needs one.

What's the last song you listened to?

"Heroes," by David Bowie

You've been given an elephant. You can't give it away or sell it. What would you do with the elephant?

Love & care for it

What inspires you?

Kind, considerate, loving people who can truly be their authentic selves. I absolutely love observing people. Someone who doesn't give a shit about what anyone thinks and can own and love themselves.

In-N-Out or Shake Shack?




It may surprise you to hear that Chrissy Borgatta Liuzzi has been on production since the lockdown began in March. At the time, masks were in short supply and Chrissy had to find a safe way for her son Frankie and his Eagle Scout cohorts to meet for a group project.

So Chrissy put her production skills to work and began sewing homemade masks. As a seasoned producer, Chrissy is accustomed to finding creative solutions and adapting to changes in project scope on the daily.

Her first production run consisted of 60 masks made from remnants of Calvin Klein tablecloths. Since then, Chrissy has created and delivered about 340 masks. Over time, Chrissy has updated the design and fabric based on her customer’s needs. The current design is made with premium cotton and elastic sewn into the fabric for extra comfort and protection. Each mask takes about 10-15 minutes to sew.

“I try to gauge who I’m sending it to…so I try to look on their Instagram to see what size they are because it’s all about fit…I’m getting pretty fast. My home-ec teacher would be proud.”

Chrissy is making masks for anyone who needs one – even as the commercial production business begins to spring back to life. So far, most of her orders have come from friends, family, nurses and even a tech coordinator from UNICEF in Italy. “When there was some downtime, it kept my hands and my head busy.”

Chrissy requests an affordable donation based on the recipient’s budget for any orders including three or more masks. She takes great care to sanitize, steam, iron and carefully package each item.

Being shut in offers new opportunities for creativity and unexpected side hustles.

“It’s a great project to give back...and to feel that I can contribute in some small way.”

We’re truly inspired by Chrissy’s act of kindness and generosity and it serves as a gentle reminder of how small acts create big impact. Thank you, Chrissy, for putting your heart and production skills to good use.

If you’d like a mask, you can reach out to Chrissy via Instagram at @cbliuzzi or on Facebook at Chrissy Borgatta Liuzzi.


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