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Brandon Huttenlocher


Aspen, Colorado



Q: What song do you play on repeat? A: Not a song but I recommend The Bombhole Podcast - Lots of great lessons to learn.

Q: What are you most looking forward to this year?

A: Having old clients keep me busy and adding a handful of new clients to my list.

Q: What is the most impactful project you've worked on and why.

A: An 8-day winter expedition in the mountains outside Revelstoke, BC.

Q: What mystery do you wish you knew the answer to?

A: Forecasting weather accurately, especially in the mountains because many times the forecasts are not


Q: What risks are worth taking?

A: (Calculated) Risk = Reward. I enjoy taking risks.

Q: What do you spend the most time thinking about?

A: Traveling to new places, both near home and far-flung places around the world.

Q: One thing you can't show up to a shoot without - Besides a camera ;)

A: A good pair of footwear.


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